Birds on Electrogrid

Work with media (E5)

ACTION E.5: Work with media

The media activities will be implemented during whole project period. The action will start with basic information about the project, its aims and main activities. The following information on the conservation efforts of the project will be communicated after that to the main target groups – public and relevant stakeholders: a. bird mortality problems within overhead electricity lines network; b. current World experience on the possibilities to reduce this problematic issue; c. concrete actions for reduction of the bird mortality in different environment conditions; d. effectiveness of the different implemented protection measures for birds about; e. possibilities of the attraction of the breeding threatened bird species to the electricity lines network; f. project achievements and recommendation for solving the bird protection problems within electricity grid; g. role of the LIFE+ program solving the bird mortality on the electricity lines problems, etc. The project team will react quickly on hot issues related to the implementation of the project activities and achievements as well as news from other countries solving the similar problems in order to achieve as broad as possible
problem overview and media coverage. Procured simple digital camera will be used for better illustration of the project achievements for media and public.
Project is planning to work with media not only on national, but also on local level (local and regional press, internet portals, etc.), as well as media for children – special magazines, websites, etc. The most important general birds protection subjects including bird mortality on the electricity grid as well as topics, related with implementation of the project conservation actions will be well covered in the media materials.

Projektą „Paukščių apsaugos priemonių įdiegimas Lietuvos aukštos įtampos elektros energijos perdavimo tinkluose“ (LIFE13 BIO/LT/001303) finansuoja Europos Sąjungos aplinkos finansinis mechanizmas „LIFE+“, LR Aplinkos ministerija ir projekto partneriai. Projekto pradžia – 2014 m. birželis, planuojama pabaiga – 2018 m. liepa.