Birds on Electrogrid

Production of Layman’s report (E8)

ACTION E.8: Production and distribution of Layman’s report

Coordinating beneficiary will elaborate a Layman’s report (up to16 pages) for general public and publish it in 700 copies in Lithuanian and English as well as will allocate on the project website. The report in popular way and using easy understandable vocabulary will shortly describe the project goals, problems encountered, implemented activities, achieved results, lessons learnt and involved partners. It will focus on the bird mortality problems solution within high voltage electricity transmission grid, especially, on their effective solution and results from the conservation efforts. The report will be colorific, illustrated with photos made during project implementation. The Layman’s report will not be a tool to reach the concerned stakeholders (this will be done in other E actions) Because the report will be duplicated with English text, it will be targeted for informing international audience too and will be distributed through the wide network of BirdLife partners around the world.
Layman's report PDF.

Projektą „Paukščių apsaugos priemonių įdiegimas Lietuvos aukštos įtampos elektros energijos perdavimo tinkluose“ (LIFE13 BIO/LT/001303) finansuoja Europos Sąjungos aplinkos finansinis mechanizmas „LIFE+“, LR Aplinkos ministerija ir projekto partneriai. Projekto pradžia – 2014 m. birželis, planuojama pabaiga – 2018 m. liepa.