Birds on Electrogrid

Production of film (E2)

ACTION E.2: Production and broadcasting of a film on bird mortality problem within the powerlines grid

The 15 min. length video film in DVD format in Lithuanian and subtitled in English “Let’s do electricity transmission grid safe for birds" will illustrate bird mortality problem within high voltage electricity transmission grid as well as project activities and implemented bird conservation measures in Lithuania. An attractive, visually pleasing and widely accessible video film will be information source for the general public on the issues dealt with within this project and will ensure visibility of the project. The film will promote the importance of the topic on reduction of bird mortality on the electricity lines network. Short parts of collected video material also will be used to illustrate information published at the project website.
The filming group will accompany the executors of the project conservation actions in various project sites, so that implemented actions and project participants could be filmed at the same time. The film will be the first professional video related to this problem in Lithuania and will be distributed among the relevant stakeholders in the country, i.e. among the protected areas administrations, regional municipalities, regional and national nature conservation authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders, also universities and high schools. Because the film promotes project actions and implemented measures, which are effective and innovative, it will also be distributed beyond Lithuania and will have demonstrative character in the EU space.
The film will be introduced to the general public in 2015 and 5 times broadcasted on national TV channels with performance in popular time during the remaining project implementation period. The film, immediately after its production will be placed on the project website, later demonstrated during the LOD annual meetings, project seminar.

Projektą „Paukščių apsaugos priemonių įdiegimas Lietuvos aukštos įtampos elektros energijos perdavimo tinkluose“ (LIFE13 BIO/LT/001303) finansuoja Europos Sąjungos aplinkos finansinis mechanizmas „LIFE+“, LR Aplinkos ministerija ir projekto partneriai. Projekto pradžia – 2014 m. birželis, planuojama pabaiga – 2018 m. liepa.