Birds on Electrogrid

Partners of the project

Lithuanian Ornithological Society seeks to conserve all bird species in Lithuania by protecting their habitats and, through this, to work for the world's biological diversity and the sustainability of human use of natural resources. Society works with more than 500 members, including politicians, scientists, students, birdwatchers and general public, while organizing public awareness compaigns, dealing with related legislation approvement and implementation issues. The Lithuanian Ornithological Society is the largest NGO in Lithuania. It has a unique position in promoting the results of reserve management to the Government and general public in Lithuania. From 1994 society is affiliate member of Birdlife International.

Lithuanian Ornithological Society
Naugarduko g. 47-3, LT-03208 Vilnius
Phone/Fax:   + 370 (5) 2130498



LITGRID AB is a Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator that maintains stable operation of the country’s power system, controls power flows and facilitates conditions for the electricity market functioning. Litgrid is also in charge of the integration of the Lithuanian power system into the European electricity infrastructure and a common European electricity market. While implementing strategic projects of international power links NordBalt (Lithuania-
Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland), in order to secure the country‘s energy independence, we foster a culture of responsibility, resourcefulness and dialogue.
Litgrid as the transmission system operator (TSO) is responsible for the control, maintenance and development of the national power transmission grid. The 330-110 kV power transmission grid of Lithuania includes 234 transformer substations and switchyards as well as 6687 km of power transmission lines. The installed capacity of the 330 kV transformers totals 3900 MW and that of the 110 kV transformers totals 92.6 MW.
Litgrid is responsible for the reliable operation of the transmission grid, connecting lines, and other electric equipment. We carry out the real-time control of the national power balance and ensure the quality of electricity in the transmission grid. We operate in such a way so that the transmission network in Lithuania functions in an effective, reliable and environmentally friendly way.

A. Juozapavičiaus g. 13, LT-09311 Vilnius
Phone: (8 5) 278 2777, fax (8 5) 272 3986

Projektą „Paukščių apsaugos priemonių įdiegimas Lietuvos aukštos įtampos elektros energijos perdavimo tinkluose“ (LIFE13 BIO/LT/001303) finansuoja Europos Sąjungos aplinkos finansinis mechanizmas „LIFE+“, LR Aplinkos ministerija ir projekto partneriai. Projekto pradžia – 2014 m. birželis, planuojama pabaiga – 2018 m. liepa.