Birds on Electrogrid

Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring of the impact of measures (D2)

ACTION D.2: Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring on the effectiveness of the project conservation actions
The action is planned for designing, elaboration and implementation of the Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring scheme. The main aim of ex-ante and post-ante monitoring is to evaluate the rate of the avian mortality and its trend before and after the implementation of the project practical conservation actions on the selected segments of the high voltage electric transmission lines. The selected segments will be used for implementation of the project actions C.1-C.3. Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring program also will be exercised for evaluation of the White stork mortality within high voltage overhead electricity lines grid in light of implementation of the project action C.3. Additionally, the ex-ante and post-ante monitoring program will cover surveys of the falcons, breeding on the high voltage electricity grid, including artificial nesting boxes erected by the project action C.4.
Baseline surveys will be focused on the monitoring:
a) of birds victims under the most sensitive for birds segments of high voltage electricity transmission lines, on which special visualization measures/wire markers will be set-up (actions C.1-C.2);
b) of mortality of the White storks because of electrocution on the high voltage transmission lines;
c) of the abundance of the falcons breeding population within the high voltage electricity grid and rate of the occupancy of the nest-boxes erected on the electric pylons.
All monitored parameters, which will be measured during implementation of D.2 action (number of the bird victims and breeding population) are directly related with practical conservation actions of the project and might show the impact of those actions on birds and their effectiveness.
Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring scheme will be elaborated during the first six project months. The scheme will be a basis for further monitoring actions. Basing on the proposed scheme, indicative bird surveys will be conducted during the later project period. Baseline surveys will start (Ex-ante) on the 2014 and 2015, i. e. before implementation of the practical conservation measures, and will be further conducted (Post-ante) on the 2015-2018, i.e. during remaining project implementation period.
Very likely that during the designing of the Ex-ante and Post-ante monitoring scheme, specific indicator will be identified after the consultations with experienced bird experts. Special monitoring protocols will be drafted as well as additional information for the verification identified and described. The monitoring results starting from the second project year will be annually published on the project website and will be a part of the overall project monitoring (D.1). Volume of the implemented conservation actions will be monitored annually during the project sites visits as well, however, those data analysis is a part of the Action D.1. All monitoring actions will be done by the project staff.



Reports, presented and approved at the Project steering committee meeting on 14 July 2016:

             • „Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of impact of implemented conservation actions on bird mortality“ (1,8 MB; PDF)

             • „Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of effectivness of the errection of nest-boxes for falcons and their breeding success“ (2,2 MB; PDF)



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